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[links] Link salad really talked, yes it did, to God's early dawning light

Apple's $30bn maps mistakeTim Cook's delayed apology over the maps fiasco tells us a lot about the company's attitude and management. Yep, the corporate dick-waving over Google trumped Apple's usual dedication to the user experience. Ego for the win, and to hell with their customers. Hey, Apple, how about giving us back Google Maps in iOS6?

Hey, Apple: Mapping Takes More Work than You ThinkApple's apology suggests it may underestimate how much effort is needed to build a great map app.

Turkey Demands Return of Art, Alarming the World’s Museums — When I consider the Islamic world's relationship to pre-Islamic antiquities, I can't help but think of the Bamiyan Buddhas.

HominidInsects with visible human skeletons do insect things in the unsettling animation Hominid, based on the series of photo composites by Brian Andrews under the same title. (Via [info]willyumtx.)

Injured bald eagle gets new 3-D printed beak — Wow. Weird. (Via [info]wild_irises.)

Cooley Airship: 1910 — Hmmm.

One Proposal to Relieve a Warming Planet: An Umbrella Made of Asteroid — Because space rocks.

Climate change 'may shrink fish'Fish species are expected to shrink in size by up to 24% because of global warming, say scientists. Honey, I shrunk the fish? Of course, conservative fish will be as large as ever.

The Conservative Case for Obamacare — Duh. HCR started out as a Heritage Foundation proposal. Not exactly screaming socialists over there. And I do not understand why a political movement allegedly dedicated to entrepreneurship is so opposed to fixing one of the biggest barriers to individual business initiative — access to healthcare financing. I guess that's like a political movement allegedly dedicated to ending abortion being opposed to sex education, contraception and women's health services.

Schwarzenegger vetoed gay marriage twice, secretly performed two — Because conservatives have ethics, unlike those godless liberals.

Homework AssignmentScrivener's Error on the subject of presidential debates.

Why I Refuse to Vote for Barack Obama — Because Mitt Romney would be better about any of the issues mentioned in this piece? Really?

President Obama: The Democrats' Ronald Reagan — Interesting piece, though for me personally, my deep resentment of the endless hagiography of the old fraud that was Ronald Reagan really mars the comparison.

Court Weighs Same-Sex to Race-Related Laws Following Obamacare — Oh, boy. More chances for conservative ideology to mar American jurisprudence for a generation.

Apocalyptic rhetoric of religious right is playing with fireThat wild talk is just pep-rally hyperbole that they don’t really expect to come about any more than they really expected all of the horrific consequences they earlier predicted would come to pass when Vermont first allowed civil unions, or when “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed. But not everyone understands that it’s just a game. And not everyone understands that these over-the-top predictions and lies are just role-playing aspects of that game. And when some of the people who listen to, and trust, these religious right spokespeople and right-wing media outlets hear what those folks are saying — and believe it, the consequences can be tragic: You could apply this reasoning to most the body of conservative political rhetoric in my lifetime, and a fair amount of liberal-progressive rhetoric as well. Except us lefties tend not to be quite so starkly apocalyptic, or violent in our messaging.

Riverside County GOP registration surge raises questions of fraudAt least 133 residents of a state Senate district there have filed formal complaints with the state, saying they were added to GOP rolls without their knowledge. With abuses like this becoming routine news, it's a good thing Republicans the country over are on the case to keep brown people from voting. Look, ACORN!

Ryan Says Romney 47 Percent of Americans Remark a Misstep — Gee. Ya think? That's what happens when Republicans are honest. People really understand what conservatism is all about. Almost nobody likes that truth.

?otD: Are you privileged to be as you are to this day, to be with you? To be with you?

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