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[food|personal] Doing stuff with the people who love me

To celebrate the return of Jersey Girl in Portland from her German sojourn, we had an eggs Benedict brunch yesterday at Nuevo Rancho Lake.

Jersey Girl her own sweet self

Ace Jordyn made a Miracle Whip chocolate cake (no, I'm not sure why, either). I roasted Yukon gold potatoes in peanut oil and bacon grease with loads of coarse salt, paprika and black pepper. [info]tillyjane (a/k/a my mom) made a fabulous Hollandaise sauce, with tons and tons of lemon juice therein.

Ace and Tillyjane cooking

[info]mlerules brought a marvelous fruit salad. Team E— and the [info]the_child helped cook and prep. Ace Jordyn poached the eggs in a water-filled skillet (a talent that baffles me). Canadian bacon and English muffins were pan fried. Mother of the Child joined us for some eggs Florentine. We ate like happy, happy pigs.

A partial gallery of rogues

Good god, it was good.

In other news, I put [info]kenscholes on a plane yesterday morning to fly east and meet Lisa Costello. She has successfully retrieved him and they are on their way west for her big move to our fair PDX. They should be here sometime late Thursday. Just in time for another chemotherapy session, whoo!

Also, Lisa Costello and Jersey Girl in Portland will be house hunting soon. Life is slowly setting in to whatever its pattern will be for a while n this chemo series. I am lucky in my friends.

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