Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[tech] jlake.com continues to have difficulties

Csoft.net, my hosting provider, dropped my Web site on the floor last Thursday due to some server configuration issues at their end. This includes both my main author site and the primary feed of this blog at http://www.jlake.com/blog.

It took them over two days to restore any service at all. This included some unhelpful emails lecturing me about the server configuration of my site, which they had configured. The initial restore brought my blog up to December, 2011. I opened a second ticket on that Monday, which was not responded to until overnight Tuesday. I am now restored to February, 2012. That means I am still missing hundreds of blog posts, thousands of comments, and months of updates to my Web site.

Given the dilatory response to the initial issues, and the multiple failures to resolve them, I'm going to have to move my hosting services. Which I can't do until they get the whole thing restored, because I don't have a local backup of all my WordPress history and am dependent on their performance at this point. Not to mention which I am mentally foggy and somewhat single-threaded from chemotherapy, which means this one more damned thing to deal with, and a damned complex thing at that, at a time when I struggle to maintain my basic responsibilities.

So fundamentally, I'm held hostage until they figure out how to fully restore me. And then I have to figure out how to move years of WordPress archives.


Tags: cancer, health, personal, tech

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