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[links] Link salad welcomes the travelers home

SFWA Northwest Reading Series — A quick reminder that this event takes place the 15th (in Portland) and the 16th (in Seattle). I'll be reading at the Portland event along with M.K. Hobson, hosted by Seanan McGuire.

Etymonline — An online etymological dictionary. You weren't doing anything else this weekend, were you? You're welcome. (Via a mailing list I'm on.)

A New Contest, Centered Around Usage — Fake linguistic prescriptivism, on the hoof. I think Poe's Law may apply here.

BREAKING: MAPLE SYRUP FOUND — A follow-up for those of you who fondly remember the recent coverage of the Global Strategic Maple Reserve theft.

Marijuana And Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers

New Fanged Dwarf Dinosaur Found—"Would Be Nice Pet"Odd, spiky dinosaur likely used self-sharpening teeth for self-defense.

Should You Go on Google's Field Trip?The new app is an ingenious way to learn about what's around you—and points to a potential gold mine in location-based advertising.

A Tax Taxonomy — Interesting and funny little piece from Freakonomics.

Tucker Carlson Fails at Trolling — For those of you who like to pretend the media is overrun with liberal bias, do you think for a moment that the entire media establishment would have spent a day on fast spin over the alleged forthcoming leak of some Romney video? (Though in fairness, since the 47% thing splashed hard, maybe they would now.)

Reruns again? — In which Tucker Carlson, and conservatives in general, prove themselves idiots, yet again. In their own words, yet again, with that stupid video.

Poll: Obama better Represents America!

Akin's Campaign Stands By Claim Of Abortions On Women Who "Are Not Actually Pregnant" — Not on evil, but also stupid. Really, really stupid. In that special conservative way.

Marriage equality is a gateway to socialism? — Because reasons! Good conservative reasons! Do not trouble my beautiful mind with your stupid liberal "facts" and "definitions" and "dictionaries" and "reality"! Reasons, I tell you.

Attacked — On being mixed race in the GOP's America.

@BigBirdRomney tweets back

Wonkbook: Everything you need to know about the first debate61 percent said Obama had a worse performance in the debate than they expected; 82 percent said Mitt Romney overperformed their expectations. 18 percent of voters said they were more likely to vote for Obama as a result of the debate, 35 percent said they were more likely to cast a ballot for Romney, and 47 percent said it would have no effect on their vote. To my frank amazement, Romney may have used the debates to find the hook to turn around his campaign.

Romney Did As Well in the Debate As He Could Have HopedAs far as Democrats were concerned, Romney had become such a wounded, joke candidate that he was almost fated to lose the debate no matter what he said. Because most Democrats underestimated Romney, there was a certain amount of shock in how well he was able to perform.

?otD: What's on your plate for Thursday?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hour (brain break)
Body movement: 0.5 hour stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 6.5 (interrupted)
Weight: 228.0
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