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[cancer|travel] Yesterday I did something arguably very stupid

Yesterday I flew from Portland to Omaha. This on the first day of bounceback from chemo series three, session two.

Day one of bounceback is generally kind of rough, energy-wise. However, I do best in the early mornings at every stage of the process. Because biorhythms or something. So Lisa Costello and Ace Jordyn got up real early and hauled me to the airport, where I checked in sans peur, sans pitié, and even managed to get routed through PDX's new TSA Pre✓™ line.

We'd prepped me with a travel back with copious snacks, as well as my required pharmaceuticals. Once in the airport and sorted out at my gate, I took a Lorazepam. I also burned from Frequent Flyer credits to get myself bumped up to First Class on both legs from PDX to OMA. The net result was early boarding, a big seat, and a lot of sleep in flight, both legs. Frankly, it was more restful than staying at home would have been.

On arriving in Omaha, I discovered I'd managed to lose my favorite hat somewhere in transit. (This from Blue Dolphin Charters in Kauai.) Grr. Otherwise no damage done. I covered up with face creams and a scarf, rented my car, and headed to my hotel, where I lay down for the day.

Mission accomplished.

Interestingly, Shedding Day [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] also began yesterday. This is two days early per my usual pattern. I wonder if the relatively high level of physical activity on my part (ie, changing planes, driving myself around Omaha, etc.) sparked my GI to move faster. Also, last night I was in some small but material pain from peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet. Also unusual. Clearly the activity pattern matters a lot. I wonder if I can put this to use at home.

I'm off to the Omaha office early this morning, and will probably head back to my hotel early this afternoon. We shall see what we shall see.

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