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Jay Lake

[cancer] Trying to be smart

The skin condition, and the severe photosensitivity, from the combination of Vectibix and Doxycycline is driving me nuts. Too bad for me, I guess, as there's not a lot to be done about it.

Still, the fundamental issue of fatigue is the true killer of chemotherapy.

I made it through the workday okay yesterday. Went in about an hour early, left about an hour early and finished my workday from my hotel room. The Day Jobbe got my full commitment, but by the time I was done driving back and forth, I had nothing left. My friend D— dropped by the hotel after work with some Chinese food for dinner, and some groceries for me to graze on the rest of the week, which was very helpful. (She and her friend M— will be giving me some logistical support later in the week as well.)

But I hate feeling so trapped in my body. Spoons, baby, spoons. And Shedding Day did spill into yesterday as well. With luck, that's largely over, but foolishly I had a lunch yesterday which included a lot of cheese. I wasn't thinking about my cyclical post-chemo lactose intolerance.

Smart. Be smart. Be smart about sun exposure. Be smart about skin care. Be smart about energy use. Be smart about food intake. Be smart about resting. Be smart. Be smart. Be smart.

All of that while fatigue makes me stupid and peevish and less well equipped to be smart than ever.

Cancer: it's a lousy hobby.

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