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[photos|cancer] Cutting off the hair

The Vectibix rash has been getting out of control. I've been unable to wash my face or hair due to extreme skin sensitivity. This has created terrible skin cruft as well as dandruff in my beard and hair. Plus my face and head ache and itch pretty much all the time.

Jersey Girl in Portland came over yesterday to hang out with me and Lisa Costello. She made a delightful brunch, and later they went off househunting. In between brunch and househunting, Jersey Girl gave me a crewcut. Lisa and [info]the_child took pictures, then I took a few self-portraits after.

We did a crewcut instead of a shave because my skin is so fragile and sensitive that the razor would have been a very bad idea. This is also why I have not shaven off my beard or moustache — I cannot tolerate the shave there, either.

I am having a lot of trouble with the whole rash issue. I'll write about that more soon. Suffice to say this has been a very difficult coping challenge. I am lucky that my friends see me for who I really am.

Or was, at least.

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