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[events] Went to the SFWA Northwest Reading Series last night

I went to the SFWA Northwest Reading Series last night, hosted by Seanan McGuire, and featuring her, me and M.K. Hobson. I was feeling pretty fatigued and bit ill from chemo, so Seanan and series host David Levine kindly rearranged the reading order so I could go first, then head for sleep.

The story I read was "They Are Forgotten Until They Come Again", from the River anthology, edited by Alma Alexander. The audience seemed to like it, but I stumbled home before the Q&A.

I did receive some criticism from several quarters in my personal life about doing this. However, this event will be my last public appearance until at least May of next year. (I may manage an hour or two of informal hanging out in the lobby at OryCon, if that's not a chemo weekend.) My public identity as a writer is important to me, cancer has been stealing it a piece at a time for years. So this was a small chance to be among friends as the expansive person I used to be rather than the diminished person I am once again becoming.

I really want to thank everyone involved in the SFWA Northwest Reading Series for being so patient with me and working to accommodate my needs.

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