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[cancer] Chemo, discontented - in which I am postponed a week

I was supposed to have chemotherapy session three of series three today. This would have been my twenty-seventh round of chemotherapy in the past three years for those keeping score at home. However, yesterday's blood tests revealed that my neutrophils were down severely, below half of the minimum standard value. Which given that I came off the last chemo session eleven days previously means they were probably even more dreadful earlier on.

For you med stats geeks:

ComponentValueStandard RangeUnits
NEUTROPHIL% POC21.250.0 - 70.0%
NEUTROPHIL# POC0.81.8 - 7.7K/cu mm

In plain English, this means my immune system is utterly borked. And has been for at least a week.

So chemo rolls forward to next Friday, October 26th. This plays merry hell with my caregiver schedule, and also means my final chemo rolls into Christmas, essentially. I'd hoped to be a little better at the holidays while on the surgery break, but that's already iffy now. If I have to skip one more chemo, that's blown completely.

This also means I'm going back on Neulasta, which can hurt like a son of a bitch due to the marrow blooms it creates. That in turn generates overly high pressure inside the bones, which I tend to experience as crippling back, hip and pelvis pain. All that and a skin condition are chemotherapy's gifts to me.

And even though I'm not on the needle this weekend, I'll still be hiding at home. Fatigue and spoons continue to be a material issue. More to the point, I'm significantly immunocompromised, and don't need to be going to parties or the movie theater or whatever where there are lots of other people. Especially during the fall cold and flu season.

In other news, still miserable from the Vectibix rash and acne, though it's getting a little better. A minor blessing of skipping chemo is the skin conditions can clear more. A minor curse is it will take that much longer for those reactions to peak and settle.

Fuck cancer.

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