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[links] Link salad arrives at Monday somewhat confused

Penguin and Random House owners agree joint venturePublisher Pearson says it has agreed a deal with German media group Bertelsmann to combine their Penguin and Random House businesses. My prediction is that this will be good for almost no one, except a few executive bonus plans.

"English is a little bit like a child" — In which [info]james-nicoll is correctly cited.)

Chemo on the Rocks — Food and chemo. (Via [info]willyumtx.)

Wind power surpasses hydro for the first time ever in Northwest region — Go, us!

Physics PhD students make a zombie movie at the Large Hadron Collider facility — (Via David Goldman.)

Real-life tractor beam developed at NYUBeam emits from a single source; only moves microscopic particles now.

IBM makes carbon nanotube computer chip breakthrough

What Is Climate Silence Costing Us? — Ultimately everything. Their bizarre, counterfactual, myopic approach to climate change is quite possibly going to be the ultimate, fatal legacy of the intellectuallyy barren and reactionary American conservative movement.

Master, The Tempest Is RagingFeminist Mormon Housewives on conservative "humor" about natural disasters. Where were the jokes when God was disrupting the Republican National Convention?

Joss Whedon on Mitt Romney — Hahahah.

US more racist now than before Obama, poll showsNot so surprisingly, four years of racist hate from the Tea Party and mainstream Republicans has come with a price: a new poll shows that racial prejudice has increased slightly since 2008. […] They're against change, they’re terrified of the future, they detest science, and are as closed minded as the Taliban. Besides being generally ignorant, and not very bright, they control almost 50% of the politicians in Washington. How embarrassing for our country. In other words, they're everything people like me said they were from minute one: a GOP astroturf vehicle for their own base. A lot of my independent libertarian and moderate friends criticized me for being so hard on the Tea Party up front. Kind of like how some of my feminist friends criticized me for being so hard on Palin when McCain first announced her as his VP pick. Thing is, all you had to do was be paying attention beforehand.

Conservative Southern Values Revived: How a Brutal Strain of American Aristocrats Have Come to Rule AmericaAmerica didn't used to be run like an old Southern slave plantation, but we're headed that way now. How did that happen? I really couldn't say how accurate this article is, but wow does this hit a lot of my confirmation biases. As I say this as a sixth-generation Texan. (Via [info]supersniffles.)

Expecting Fiscal Responsibility from a Republican Administration: The Triumph of Hope Over Experience — Conservative commentator Daniel Larison on "facts" and "data" about Republican governance which the entire American electorate and media have conveniently forgotten. Bush who? (Hint: What was the state of the budget and the deficit when Bush took office? What was the state of the budget and deficit when he left office? I'll bet good money 90% of Republicans cannot answer this question accurately.)

What Happens If Romney Loses? — Larison again, on the relatively lack of political consequences within the GOP of a probably Romney loss. [T]e Romney campaign has been vague enough that every faction will have things it can use to justify its own position and things it can use to blame its intra-party rivals.

?otD: Do you have it all figured out today?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (chemo)
Body movement: 0.5 hour stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 8.0 hours (seven hours fitful overnight plus napping)
Weight: 227.2
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