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Jay Lake

[cancer|personal] Another chemo, another week

Another chemo done. As expected, they're getting tougher. The Vectibix rash is already firing up across my forehead, and intensifying on my chest and back where it never went away. I figure for my face to be a major disaster in another day or two. Likewise the emotional and cognitive effects are powerful right now. A lot of stress in the family, especially on [info]the_child, who is taking this all pretty rough. At least my Dad's ER visit is better.

My fatigue and general single-thresdedness make it very hard for me to follow up on things. By the time I'm done with Day Jobbery — ie, making money to pay the mortgage and keeping myself in insurance coverage to pay the cancer — I am well and truly baked. I owe some signed books from weeks ago. I owe some ARCs out now. I need to close out the Kalimpura caption contest. I need to finish photodocumenting the lovely flood of bells and spoons I've received, so I can make a thank you post. I need, I need, I need. I doubt I'll get any of that done today, immediately post-chemo, and I'll be lucky to get one element done tomorrow, if my focus isn't disrupted by the usual round of personal and family crisis that has dominated lately.

I will as always survive, but it's rough, tough and slow.

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