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[links] Link salad sat down by the rivers of Babylon

Personal request for a signal boost or desperately searching for Danielle — Jamie Lee Moyer is looking for a relative likely to be found in the Pacific Northwest.

Review of "The Stars Do Not Lie" by Jay Lake — A reader who almost exactly got my intention for the story.

Dark Quest Books is giving away a copy of River at Goodreads — In which I have a story.

What was that all about? — Roger Ebert on realism in film (and by extension, story telling in general).

Peter Jackson Appears in ‘Hobbit’-Themed Air New Zealand Video — This is very, very silly.

A Zombie Is a Slave Forever — Zombies and colonialism.

Swansong Earth: Refuges for Life — The very long history of life.

How I Lost Faith in the “Pro-Life” Movement — Unfortunately, as with most counterfactual conservative hobbyhorses, the people who most need to read this never will, and the few that do will likely reject it. (Via [info]houseboatonstyx.)

A vote for the future or for the past?Two Americas are facing off in next week’s election. By their makeup, the Democrats are bound to move, if haltingly, into the future, while the Republicans parade proudly into the pre-New Deal past — some of it mythic, lots of it ugly. The differences could not be clearer. The only people who long for that past are those who do not remember it accurately enough.

Obama pronouns againI don't expect these facts to have any impact on Mr. Portnoy's complaint — it's not for nothing that the site is named "Hot Air" — but I continue to be surprised that apparently rational adults continue to publish obvious falsehoods about well-defined numbers that are easy to check. We are talking about conservatives here, who already know that the "facts" and the "data" have a liberal bias, and therefore their gut feelings trump any amount of reality.

Romney bought $5k of food for people to “donate” back to him at phony “hurricane” rally — Stay classy, conservative America. It's what you do best. And don't forget to accuse Obama of politicizing the hurricane!

Chris Christie Probably Really Doesn't Give a Damn About Presidential Politics Right Now — This is what happens when a Republican forgets politics and remembers to care about actual outcomes for real people the government is responsible to and for. A very, very rare sight these days, not likely to be repeated by any living conservative.

Top Five Signs of Capitalist Dictatorship in the Romney CampaignThe mainstream media and even Democrats have been slow to call Mitt Romney’s deliberate falsehoods “lies.” But after just calling them what they are, it is also important to analyze their meaning. Lies on Romney’s scale do not simply show contempt for the intelligence of American voters. They show contempt for democracy, and display some of the features of capitalist dictatorship of a sort that was common in the late twentieth century. Mohammad Reza Pahlevi in Iran, Alfredo Stroessner in Paraguay, Park Hung Chee in South Korea and P.W. Boetha in South Africa are examples of this form of government. Capitalist dictatorship has declined around the world in favor of capitalist parliamentarism, in part because of the rising power of middle and working classes in the global South.

?otD: Do you remember Zion?

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