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[cancer] And away we go, to the infusion center again

Off to the infusion center this morning with Lisa Costello and Marta Murvosh. [info]tillyjane (a/k/a my Mom) has a cold, so she will be avoiding me today, while Dad and (step)Mom are out of town. Likewise [info]the_child and her mother are going to the coast this afernoon. It will be an unusually quiet infusion weekend for me, in other words.

Not that I'll know the difference.

I had a deeply emotional reaction to yesterday's port access and blood test. This was akin to sub drop, in a weird way. (Weird given that I'm not a sub, I mean.) I eventually got over myself, but continue to operate with a fine patina of melancholy.

On the plus side, [info]amberite dropped by briefly last night. H— should be visiting tomorrow. I might also see Team E— this weekend, and maybe even [info]scarlettina as she passes through town.

On an amusing non-cancer note, yesterday at the Day Jobbe I was filling out a self-assessment as part of the annual review process. There's a required spell check and legal scan before one can submit the form. The spell check rejected my employer's name as a misspelled word, and the legal scan was quite concerned that I'd used the word "white" because it might denote inappropriate racial or personally descriptive information, which I should consider rephrasing or eliminating. The word appeared in the noun phrase "white paper".

I, of course, took screen shots and mailed them out to my working group.

Ah, software.

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