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[cancer] This just in, I still have cancer; plus miscellaneous updates

I've spent most of this week sleeping on Lorazepam. Not my favorite thing to do for a variety of reasons both clinical and personal, but I had tried to sleep on my own Monday night and failed miserably. Given the ravages of chemotherapy on my body, a missed night's sleep is a profound disaster. I have no reserves, basically, and cannot overcome the deficit. So, at the urgings of Lisa Costello, I have been popping the pills.

Hates it, I does.

(FWIW, Lorazepam is not a sleep aid, per se, at least not so far as I know. It's prescribed to me as both an anti-nausea agent and an anti-anxiety agent. However, if I take one and lie down in the dark, I will sleep eight to ten hours, generally without interruption except for urgent biological necessity. For me, it's not so much a sleeping pill as a not-waking-up pill. I just resent the need for such chemical intervention, being in my baseline health a champion sleeper with no problems at all in that department.)

Also, yesterday, N—, sometime of Book Universe, very generously delivered a donated piece of household gear that will make certain of the more unspeakable aspects of my chemotherapy experience a lot less unspeakable. My profound thanks to them for their time, trouble and care.

Workie bits today, and the weekend beckons, with even modest socialization.

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