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[cancer] Chemo series three, session six, day three

Yesterday went pretty well, except that I ate too much. Wildly uncharacteristically, my appetite kicked in. H— made an excellent breakfast, including a Twinkie fried in bacon grease and topped with bacon and Hershey's dark chocolate syrup.

Twinkie fried in bacon grease and topped with bacon and Hershey's dark chocolate syrup

I ate two bites of this culinary rimshot. Also part of an excellent omelet, some fruit, and part of a baked pancake.

For lunch I wanted onion rings of all things, so Lisa Costello popped out to Red Robin. I would up eating four onion rings, about six French fries and half a turkey club croissant.

Trust me, for me on the chemo pump, this is eating large. There was very little food later, as I felt and continue to feel overfilled, but it was yummy.

I stayed alert all day, was conversational and focused. Lisa and I watched the most recent director's cut of Blade Runnerimdb ] with [info]the_child, who had never seen it before. This led to discussion of the history of science fiction film, Syd Mead, art direction, special effects, Philip K. Dick, identity paranoia, is Deckard a replicant, character motivation, the meaning of being human, and some close analysis of the final scenes and why Roy Batty did what he did in saving Deckard's life. That commentary on mortality, the symbolism of the white dove and the nail in his hand, and Batty's desperate desire to be remember as someone (or something) human, led me to some inner ruminations on my own mortality.

All was well until I tried to sleep. Somehow I'd overdone it during the day, and even with Lorazepam had a fairly rough night. So I've taken another Lorazepam this morning and expect to have a lumpen sort of day.

Plus my gut hurts. If my usual patterns hold true, I won't pass stool for another two days at least, so everything I ate yesterday is going to hang around clogging up the pipes.

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