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Meanwhile back at Rancho Lake...

Much effort has been expended bliveting a 6' folding banquet table (that's slightly under 2m for you nonUSAnians) into the GENRE car, a 1995 Dodge. The table may now be a permanent feature of the automobile.

This morning I found a good sized spider in my tub. This is remarkably only in that it is quite late in the year for such things. Spiders in the tub are a regular occurrence at Rancho Lake in the spring and summer. And bless my rotten little heart, I go find a cup, scoop them up, and take them outside. Barefoot and otherwise bare, in the 38 degree cold this morning. The things I do for spiders.

Contracts for 44 Clowns arrived from co-editor this morning. I have countersigned them, photocopied them, and put them back in the mail. (Note to self, in the future remember to ask for two signed copies, thus saving trip out to photocopy.) Yes, it's still coming. The most anticipated anthology since Last Dangerous Visions (or at least within the same time zone as...) still breathes.

Fixing to be on the road through December 4th. This means as of tomorrow, light to non-existent blogging through the Thanksgiving holiday and the week following. If you're playing the takehome game version of Where's Jay, I'll be in Texas (Dallas and Galveston) through the Monday after Thanksgiving, home for a few hours, then off to Omaha for the rest of that week. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

I will try to post my extended thoughts on small press, per this earlier post (and the excellent comment thread thereof) before I vanish into the aether.

Work on Other Me continues apace. Another chapter knocked down last night.

Also, played chess with the Child yesterday for the first time ever. Somebody at school has been showing her how, and she has some facility with this most ancient of games. I probably should not be surprised, but I am, a little bit.

You may shop as usual. No need to return to your homes.
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