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[cancer|personal] Still struggling, getting better

At this point, I'm on enough lower GI meds to make an entire Navy SEAL squad beg for castor oil enemas. Nonetheless yesterday continued productive, as it were. Whatever's going on inside me is extremely severe. However, things were much better than they had been. I'm downgrading my GI issues from "epic" to "heroic", and I have regained some measure of control.

Still eating not much but Triscuits and Ensure and the odd bite of sweet roll. I did go crazy and have about three tablespoons of rice for dinner. That represents stepping out for me these days.

Things are stable enough that I'm on track to go to The Hobbit this morning. We'll see if they hold up. Lisa Costello and I are taking a separate automobile from our various homies in case of sudden evacuation on my part. I don't expect much from the movie except for 2.5 hours of Jacksonverse Lord of the Rings fan service. With luck, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Otherwise hunkered down and chowing pills and dreaming of food. I'd really like to eat again some day. Miserable is as miserable does, and I'm getting slowly better.

In other news, my surgeon has confirmed my previously noted dates for January. So I am having my liver resected for the third time on January 21st, 2013, and will be out for the count for the better part of two weeks following. Meanwhile, if my GI ever gets back under control, I can take some time to enjoy life without constant chemotherapy mucking things up.

Have a good weekend, whatever you're doing.

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