Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] Things are looking better

As of yesterday, the nine-day reign of terror in my lower GI seem to have abated. I won't feel certain about this until at least another day has passed without untoward incident, but pace my car-on-ice rhetoric, after 24 hours without any overt symptoms, I have abandoned the antidiarrheal meds.

So far, so okay.

If this business has settled, I can get back to post-chemo recovery, which seems to have gone to Hob for a game of poker with souls. After the colonic spasms of two nights ago, last night I experienced muscle spasms along my spine, along with the more generic lower back and hip pain I normally associate with Neulasta. Except rather a bit later than expected. Because reasons. It's like the virus that was giving me the horrid lower GI effects was holding everything else hostage, too. (And no, I did not acquire Stockholm syndrome.)

This morning there was great if brief confusion when I discovered the "Monday AM" pillbox empty. Yes, I am going back to work today. No, this is not the day after Sunday. Sometimes I can keep up, sometimes the world is like one of those popup snakes in a can.

I will be so profoundly relieved if the current lower GI reprieve turns out to be a true ending to the madness. This last week has been perhaps my most miserable chemo week ever.

A true Christmas miracle for this atheist?

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