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[links] Link salad has seen the future, brother and it is murder

Librarians and porn — Not work safe. Funny.

Last of 2012's Link SausagesScrivener's Error with several worthwhile publishing rants all rolled into one mighty post.

Continuity errors in WWII — Hahahahah. An oldie but a goodie. (Snurched from [info]james_nicoll.)

Hartmut Esslinger's early Apple computer and tablet designs — Some cool stuff, very forward thinking work from 20-30 years ago. (Snurched from Steve Buchheit.)

Cosmic Radiation Could Cause Alzheimer's in Mars Astronauts

Tree Receivers — A very fascinating and weird (and very SFnal) post from BLDG BLOG about using trees for electronic communication.

First you take a leek... — Oh, this soup. Jersey Girl in Portland with the recipe and commentary on her awesome potato-leek soup.

Liberal bullying: Privilege-checking and semantics-scolding as internet sportIncreasingly, I've started recognizing this kind of behavior for what it is: privilege-checking as a form of internet sport. It's a kind of trolling, with all the politics I agree with, but motivations and execution that turns my stomach. It's well-intended (SO well-intended), but when the motivations seem to be less about opening dialogue about the issues, and more about performance, righteousness, and intolerance for those who don't agree with you… well, I'm not on-board. Reminds me strongly of certain people and issues in the SFnal community.

Will gay marriage destroy America as we know it? — We can only hope to be supplanted by a kinder and more tolerant society.

Russian Inequality on the Eve of RevolutionIn 1904, on the eve of military defeat and the 1905 Revolution, Russian income inequality was middling by the standards of that era, and less severe than inequality has become today in such countries as China, the United States, and Russia itself. So the U.S. has greater income inequality than Tsarist Russia. Yep, definitely need to lower the taxes on the rich from their already historic lows. Because reasons. Conservative ones. (Via [info]danjite.)

A Broken System for Tracking GunsThe bureau — which should have a lead role in protecting the nation from gun crimes — has been severely hindered by an array of N.R.A.-backed legislative restrictions. For example, a 1986 law prohibits A.T.F. agents from making more than one unannounced inspection a year on a gun dealer, a rule that serves no purpose other than protecting unscrupulous dealers. Yep, us antigun liberals are definitely full of it: no hocus pocus in our gun laws or statistics gathering. Just patriotic, intellectually honest Real Americans defending their essential liberties and standing their ground without burdensome government interference.

Let’s Give Up on the Constitution — Hmm. There's a level at which I take his point. It's only the Constitution that has allowed a discredited minority party explicitly dedicated to rendering government dysfunctional hold so much of this country's political process hostage. At the same time, it's the Constitution that undergirds and binds our system together. Even when the lunatics in the GOP have grabbed the reins.

Mosque Arsonist Tells Court: 'I Only Know What I Hear on Fox News'"No, I only know what I hear on Fox News and what I hear on radio. Muslims are killing Americans and trying to blow stuff up," Linn also reportedly told the judge. "Most Muslims are terrorists and don't believe in Jesus Christ." Ah, conservative America and your media echo chamber. You are such clear thinkers and moral actors. (Via Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

?otD: When they said repent, did you wonder what they meant?

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