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[movies|cancer] Lakeside Kickstarter

The Lakeside documentary [ imdb ] Kickstarter fund raiser has begun. Waterloo Productions has been deeply involved in my story for almost the past year, and the various reversals of fortune which have afflicted me have correspondingly driven their production costs up well past the original budget.

The film is the story of my life with cancer, and quite possibly my death. We're working within the experience of my daily life, including things I don't talk about much or at all here on the blog — the reactions of my family members (their privacy, after all, is not mine to breach here); my responses to those reactions; some of my own end-of-life thinking and the planning that has begun for that series of terminal events. It's a bigger story than even this blog can tell.

As things do in life, everything happens at once. I believe another, separate medical fundraiser is launching shortly to help me pay for a rather expensive genetic test which will be completely out of pocket, as well as possibly meet additional medical expenses. This is a strange, strange time in my life, as I am not accustomed to asking for help this way. People and institutions have been very generous to me already these past few years. All of you who read and listen and hold the image of my struggles are generous with your time and your hearts.

Anyway, go check out what Donnie is doing over there. Whether you can give hope or money, it will help.

I will never get to heaven, but this film will be part of both my life and my afterlife.

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