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Date: 2013-01-10 05:36
Subject: [links] Link salad peers into the future, sees the past
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Various comments about the Lakeside Kickstarter: Fund ‘Lakeside: A Year with Jay Lake’ and SF/F Crowd Funding Roundup For 01/10/2013 and A Kickstarter Project That Needs to Be Seen. As of this morning, the project is less than $1,000 from goal.

The Lakeside Kickstarter gets a nice mention from Cory Doctorow on Boing Boing — Thank you, Cory.

Dark Faith: Invocations Devotional — Jay Lake — In which I am interviewed regarding my story "The Cancer Catechism". See also some discussion of the story here.

24 Useful Words From Laádan, a Language Invented to Express a Woman’s Point of View — Oooh. An article that points back to one of my favorite books. (Via Daily Idioms, Annotated.)

LinguicaScrivener's Error with some interesting (as usual) thoughts on language and publishing.

Cancer Drug "Holiday" May Extend Patient Survival — Hmmm.

Why Americans are dying earlier than their international peers — This is exactly why Sarah Palin's Real Americans want to repeal Obamacare. Because we're number one, and damn those liberal "facts" and "data".

Quebec community makes urgent request for help saving trapped killer whales

Your Gadgets Are Slowly Breaking the InternetThe Internet isn’t robust enough for the ongoing explosion of connected devices. Now labs around the country are scrambling for solutions.

Waves in AirglowDuring a thunderstorm over Texas, atmospheric ripples were visible in the faint emissions of light of the upper atmosphere.

The Absurdity of U.S. Air Travel: Baggage Fees — Yes, this.

Generation LGBTQIA — Going mainstream?

Rules for Christian sex and rules about rulesSlacktivist Fred Clark on the dead-end of the Christianist approach to sex.

2012 was hottest on record in the US, warm everywhere else — Thankfully, climate change is a liberal hoax. Otherwise these so-called liberal "facts" and "data" might be something to worry about, and Rush Limbaugh knows we can't have that.

Toward a More Badass History — Ta-Nehisi Coates with more on race, Django Unchained, and the antebellum South.

16 Tons and bricks without straw: Christianity Today wants to bring back the company townSlacktivist Fred Clark with more on the cruel lunacy of religious conservatives in America.

The War Against Women and The Violence Against Women ActI want to be charitable and believe that the Republicans who spent the summer dismantling legislation that helps thousands of abused women and children, that the GOP who spent the summer saying the stupidest victim blaming Rape crap imaginable, don’t actually hate women. I imagine that they have wives and daughters that they love. I really do think that they don’t actually want women to be raped or battered. But if this is the case, then I’m really failing to understand why they do things like this. Because that's what conservatives do, duh. The modern Republican party doesn't stand for anything except political vandalism in the name of self-valorizing paranoia, which GOP political and media strategists have been carefully nurturing for decades in the name of generating more angry white guys so the GOP could stay in business. (Their own words, not my liberal snark, hence the link.) Witness the recent Senate vote on the disability rights treaty. Like gun owners, these vandals consider themselves moral people and patriotic Americans. That self-image doesn't mean their delusions of ethics are any less destructive or morally bankrupt.

On my honor, I will do my best — Steve Buchheit with a long and worthwhile reflection on portrayals of violence in the media.

Second amendment supporters strolled through SE Portland neighborhood with assault rifles, police say — Further demonstrating the finely honed sense of social responsibility found in gun owners. After all, if 80 deaths a day are perfectly acceptable to the upright moral citizens who constitute America's gun culture, what's wrong with spreading a little panic to make your point? In a neighborhood close to mine, by the way, and not far from the recent Clackamas mall shootings, no less. So proud of my fellow Oregonians for their theoretical defense of their essential liberties.

8,775 Firearm Murders a Year in US, Equiv. of 290 in UKThe international comparisons show conclusively that fewer gun owners among civilians per capita produce not only fewer murders by firearm, but fewer murders per capita over all. Yet bizarre;y, most US gun owners consider themselves moral people and good citizens, despite being primary enablers of the slaughter of thousands of their fellow citizens by supporting the gun culture as it were somehow a social good for which all those deaths are a worthy price paid.

Why I'm giving up my gunsWhile Piers Morgan and Alex Jones were having a gun control debate on CNN, I was having my own internal debate. I am an avid hunter, but the tragedy in Newtown, Conn. made me realize that as a gun-owner, I am unwittingly abetting the narrative of American violence. Slowly, a few gun owners are awakening to the fundamental immorality and horror that they enable by being part of gun culture. This is what most of us will eventually feel, when our society matures to the point that widespread violence is viewed with the same historical distaste as institutionalized racism and gender discrimination.

?otD: What do you most want to remember?

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User: a_cubed
Date: 2013-01-11 01:27 (UTC)
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On one of the comments in the Scrivener's Error post you linked to it asks why short stories aren't individually distributed. Digitally, they now are, both as short e-books and on the web (e.g. tor.com). Shorter works have also been released as chapbooks, down to the size of 20 pages or so, that I've seen.
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