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An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2013-01-12 06:45
Subject: [personal] A brief user's guide to this blog
Security: Public
Tags:cancer, child, family, friends, health, personal
Given all the Internet activity around me lately, especially with new readers coming in from the fundraisers and/or the recent PayPal kerfuffle, I thought I'd make a quick informational post.

Except in extraordinary circumstances, I make three or four posts per day, almost always in the morning. Posts are always tagged in the title in [brackets] for the benefit of readers using RSS feeds, so they can tell if they want to click through or not.

Link Salad is always the lead, and basically documents my browsing from the day before and that morning, as well as interesting things people send in to me. It covers topics I care about, such as publishing, health (including a lot of cancer news due to my own long-term illness), science and nature, culture, generalized weirdness, and a variety of political topics including climate change, religion in the public square, gun control and conservative hypocrisy. (Yes, I am a flaming liberal, at least by American standards.) I arrange Link Salad in roughly the order described above so that readers who are indifferent to or bothered by my political stances can enjoy the earlier topics then move on if they prefer. Link Salad post titles are fairly random, and tend to reflect my mood, current events in my life, or something that strikes my fancy. I assume the [Link Salad] tag is sufficiently informative. Please feel free to send me interesting links if you find them, especially from out of the way sources.

Moment of Zen is always the second post. That features photos, usually from my photo files, but occasionally something that came across my email inbox from a friend or family member. If you want to send me a photo, it should be your own work. With the exception of photos involving me or my family, I try very hard not to reproduce photos from others for both copyright and creative reasons.

Otherwise, I post about cancer when that's on my mind, as it has been of a muchness lately. When I have the mental and emotional bandwidth, I post about my daughter (a/k/a [info]the_child), or any of the topic areas mentioned above: publishing, health and healthcare, science and nature, culture, generalized weirdness, and a variety of political topics including climate change, religion in the public square, gun control and conservative hypocrisy. I like those to be a bit more substantive, but it doesn't always work out that way.

My blogging philosophy is that I will talk about anything except things which will embarrass my daughter, things which will breach business confidentiality, and things which will breach other people's privacy. On a related note, in talking about the events of my life, I try very hard not to 'out' people in my life who don't have an established public persona in the form of an online footprint. With those exceptions, my own life is pretty much an open book, especially the cancer journey I've been on since 2008. This means if you have a question or suggestion for a post topic, I'm interested in hearing it. This also occasionally means that big, difficult stuff happens to me which I never mention here, for the sake of others' privacy. As always, anything I post here is available for quoting or reposting, but please retain the attribution, especially on photos or fiction to which I hold copyright.

While my audience isn't on the scale of some of the really big dog writer blogs, I have an interesting, friendly and vibrant community of readers and commentors. If you're one of those already, thank you so very much. If you're new to the blog, welcome, have a look around — if this is to your taste, stay a while.

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