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[personal|tech] Etaoin shrdlu

Here's a photo of my MacBook Air keyboard after 13 months of use:

Keyboard Damage

You'll note the leftmost keys in etaoin shrdlu are almost destroyed. This is the longest I've had a keyboard last in years.

I'm a two-fingered typist, with some thumb assist. I do about 65 words per minute (corrected) when I'm in full flow. Clearly I strike harder with my left index finger than with my right. Also, I use my left index finger point down, so the nail almost always hits the keyboard, while I use my right index finger pad down, so the nail almost never hits the keyboard. I strike more keys with my right as well, as my left finger travel usually stops at either RFV or TGB.

What does this mean? Other than a trip to the Apple Store for a replacement keyboard, heck if I know. At least the MacBook Air has a sturdier keyboard that my old white MacBook, which needed replacement two or three times a year. But then, I type somewhere between one and two millions words per year on my keyboards, depending on how sick I am and how much I write, which would seem to be near the high end of the design duty cycle, based on how quickly I kill them.

Do you kill keyboards? How often?

Photo © 2013, Joseph E. Lake, Jr.

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