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The Acts of Whimsy cancer fundraiser and the Lakeside Kickstarter for the documentary about me, [info]the_child, and cancer are still live. Both have made goal, but additional support is always welcome. Please check them out if you have not done so yet. Note that the next unlock goal at $44,000 is [info]the_child's video, "How to Write Like My Dad".

Adding life saving science to the film — Waterloo Productions blogs on Kickstarter about their interactions with the lab which is going to do genetic testing on my tumor. We are communicating with the lab in southern California to schedule interviews with scientists and a tour of the facilities. They are eager to work with us. We believe that if this sequencing does in fact lead to a cure that saves Jay Lake's life that we must include it in the film and also help raise awareness until this process is included as a part of standard care for cancer patients.

A Worthy Kickstarter Project: Lakeside with Jay Lake

Interview with Donnie ReynoldsDonnie Reynolds is the director of LAKESIDE, the documentary about a year in the life of author Jay Lake and his family as he continues to fight stage iv metastatic colon cancer.

AISFP 184 – The Bright Light of New Possibilities — Podcast Adventures in SCIFI Publishing discusses, among other things, the "Acts of Whimsy" fundraiser.

A context-free photo from my Act of Whimsy

A Softer World hits my button — Sigh. Fucking cancer.

Friday Fellow: Bleeding Tooth Fungus — Nature is weird. And no, this is not quite as icky as you might think. Not quite. (Via Daily Idioms, Annotated.)

White Veins of Mars: Curiosity Hits 'A Jackpot' in Quest for Wetter Past — "White Veins of Mars" sounds like a terrific story title.

The Last Pictures: Contemporary Pessimism and Hope for the Future — Leaving messages behind, as a species.

A Short Rise Out of Depression — The uses, and lack thereof, of ketamine as an anti-depressant. Persistence counts. (Via David Goldman.)

What Gay Guys Think About Vaginas — Hahahah. Note: most people find this amazingly funny, but a few people have been offended. Possibly by the use of the word "vagina", I'm not sure why otherwise. Personally, I think this is both sweet and hilarious. (Via [info]garyomaha.)

The Inevitability of Global Warming and the Need for Resilience — A good weather blog. (Via [info]mmegaera.)

Gun restrictions have widespread public support: poll — Unfortunately, doing the entirely legal, Constitutional, moral and sane thing will never fly with the NRA, the GOP and America's gun owners. They would far prefer to be the opposite of those things in the comforting arms of their deadly weapons.

Hannity, Shapiro, and the Politics of Situational PatriotismRemember when conservatives used to say, "America, love it or leave it"? When just about any protest coming from somewhere else along the ideological spectrum was cause to question that person's loyalty and love of country? Ah yes. Those were the days.

?otD: Is there time to ask her questions?

Writing time yesterday: 1.0 hour (2,300 words on "The Hills Are Alive…" to 2,400 words)
Hours slept: 8.25 hours (fitful)
Body movement: 0.5 hours (stationary bike)
Weight: n/a (forgot to weigh)
Number of FEMA troops on my block enforcing disability rights: 0
Currently reading: The Hydrogen Sonata by Iain M. Banks

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