Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal|cancer] A quiet day in an unquiet life

Nothing big going on today except a Peking duck dinner this afternoon at Seres. Today is Mother of Child's birthday, so we'll be celebrating her there whilst enjoying Chinese food. Jersey Girl in Portland is over for much of the day tomorrow, and an out of town friend is visiting. I plan to just enjoy my weekend.

I see my medical oncologist on Monday to talk about the surgery outcomes. We've generated five pages of questions to discuss. Meanwhile, my health insurance carrier has again decided that my medical oncologist is out of network. This is a persistent data error at their end which no one but me has incentive to solve, so once more I am forced to hours of phone calls, and a possible complaint to the state insurance commission — or at least the threat of such a complaint — to get anything done.

Have a good weekend, and I will essay to do the same.

Tags: cancer, family, food, friends, health, jerseygirl, personal

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