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[cool|photos] Shit that comes in the mail

Yesterday was an interesting mail day. [info]elisem sent me a coprolite.

150 million year old fossilized poop!

I think I've passed a few of these the course of my own chemo journey. And Elise rocks. (So to speak...)

At the same time, Tom Kaye, through the good offices of Amazing Stories, sent me some more coprolites.

65 million year old fossilized dinosaur poop!

35 million year old fossilized mammal poop!

And since anything worth doing well is worth doing to wretched excess, Tom and Amazing Stories sent along a few bonus items.

65 million year old hadrosaur tooth

35 million year old oreodont jaw

125 million year old dinosaur stone — I at first thought this was a bezoar, but I then realized it's probably a gizzard stone

So last night, we sat around and fooled with these objects which are acheingly old. And cool. And strange. Holding deep time in your hands is an amazing thing.

Because everyone with a severely disrupted lower GI tract needs stone poop to remind them of who and what they are. This is cool.

Thank you Elise, Tom and Amazing Stories. Thank you so much.

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