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[cancer] Field notes from Cancerland, mostly good things edition

Talking to doctors

Yesterday, Dad and I had a conference call with the leading oncological geneticist at my home hospital system. We didn't learn much new, other than a recommendation for the RNA-SEQ we're currently trying to source, but we had a lot of things confirmed, which was good. They also commented that we were among the best prepared patients they'd ever spoken to. I asked if there was anything they would be doing if they were in my position, that I wasn't doing. The answer was basically, no. Keep moving, keep trying, explore all the options. So I suppose in the end that was a good thing.

Friends and travel

The reduced chemotherapy prescription means I can start making plans again. This includes uncancelling my attendance at Paradise Lost and Norwescon. It also includes making or renewing social commitments which have been impossible for me under chemo. Even though the reasons for this aren't so swell, the re-opening of my options is fundamentally good for my spirit. So who knows? You might see me around soon.

More things in the mail

Another thing that came in the mail yesterday was this shirt:


Courtesy of the delightful [info]mhari_lindhaven, who spotted it at Further Confusion and felt like I really needed to have it.

The Sequence a Science Fiction Writer fundraiser

This is the last day of the Acts of Whimsy cancer fundraiser. The degree of support that I have received has astonished me, and beyond astonished me. You guys are awesome.

To speak for a moment about where the money is going, we've already spent $13,000 on the gene sequencing process, another $500 or so on miscellaneous medical expenses (co-pays and what not), and about another $9,500 is already budgeted for RNA sequencing ($7,000ish, no hard quote yet), as well as paying off my portion of the expense for last month's surgery ($2,500 out of pocket, plus some more co-pays). So you can see spending has already gone over the original $20,000 goal. There's a lot more to come, expense-wise. And I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for you.

Thank you.

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