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A bunch of things make a post...

  • Yesterday I agreed to do something very cool in late March, which I'll be able to announce soon. Suffice to say that if you live in the Portland area, mark your calendars for the evening of Tuesday, March 26th.

  • Likewise, don't forget my Powell's reading on March 8th.

  • Shortly I'll publish a forthcoming events calendar, including my attendance at various cons, a couple of special items, and of course JayCon XIII [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] on June 15th.

  • I still haven't gotten a confirmation of my second opinion appointment on the latest evolution of my cancer. This is growing annoying, as my calendar is filling up. The medical stuff takes absolute priority, but I'd assumed (with good reason) it would happen in the second half of February. After that, the cost to me, both literally and figuratively, of rearranging my schedule becomes higher and higher.

  • My Day Jobbe boss is in town today, so I'll be spending the afternoon and evening with them. This means almost certainly no writing today. I'm basically okay with that, as I just finished drafting "Hook Agonistes", but I am eager to get on to my next couple of projects.

  • Speaking of finishing a manuscript draft, in case you missed it yesterday, here's my assessment of the five emotional stages for writers:

    1. Excitement - "Yay! I can has writing!"
    2. Dedication - "Must keep going, must be a good writer."
    3. Doubt - "Oh, man, this thing is sucking wind. No one will ever buy it or read it."
    4. Denial - "What, me? What story? Nope, no draft here. Just some fooling around. Never mind."
    5. Acceptance - "Yay! I can has writing!"

  • Also, yesterday [info]the_child and her mother went to see Swan Lake. They looked very elegant in their ballet togs.


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