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[links] Link salad says rock me Asmodeus

at Genome ConferenceNabsys’s technology could provide the positional accuracy missing from current DNA sequencing methods. This is the harbinger of the generation of genomic sequencing tech, that is faster and more accurate than the generation used to analyze my tumor tissue.

The Problem with Our Data ObsessionThe quest to gather ever more information can make us value the wrong things and grow overconfident about what we know.

An edge over which it is impossible to look — The Ladybower bellmouth. (Snurhced from Daily Idioms, Annotated.)

Chelyabinsk Meteor Flash

Starships of the MindScience fiction publisher Donald Wollheim has noted a widely shared vision of the human future among science fiction writers. This future history begins with journeys to the planets and their colonization, and extends to interstellar travel, star colonies, and the formation of a human galactic empire. This may be too ambitious for a species of our modest abilities. But if we choose to journey out, however far we go, it will begin with the starships of the mind.

Meet One of Mars Rover Curiosity’s Earthbound Twins
Scientists use a Mars-like environment created in Maryland to test key rover equipment.

Gypsum on Earth and Mars

Understanding extreme weather in an era of climate changeScientists try to ID climate signals in weather as public draws conclusions.

An Anniversary — On Giordano Bruno, free speech, and science. (Via David Goldman.)

No guns allowed at GOP meeting blasting “gun free zones” — Because they wouldn't be conservatives without the hypocrisy.

QotD?: Demonic typo, isn't it?

Writing time yesterday:0.0 hours (traveling with [info]the_child.)
Hours slept: 8.75 hours (solid)
Body movement: 0.0 hours (cold and wet, not walking with my mild head cold)
Weight: n/a (out of town)
Number of FEMA troops on my block covering up high crimes and misdemeanors in Benghazi: 0
Currently reading: Mort by Terry Pratchett

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