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An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2013-02-27 04:51
Subject: [personal|cancer] Hanging fire quite yet
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Tags:cancer, food, health, media, personal, writing
For some reason, today is the day where everything is hanging fire.

The clinical analysis of my genomic testing data isn't quite back, yet.

The second opinion appointment isn't quite confirmed, yet.

The unfortunate scheduling of that appointments hasn't quite forced me to cancel some important-to-me social and professional plans, yet.

The foolish billing dispute between me, the health insurance carrier and the hospital isn't quite resolved, yet.

An interesting professional opportunity to teach hasn't quite gelled, yet.

My outreach to media contacts hasn't quite progressed to the next stage, yet.

My appointment to see my primary care provider about palliative care and hospice planning hasn't quite happened, yet.

Breakfast has not quite occurred, yet.

Another day in the trenches, in other words. Be well, and may your own "quite, yets" come to useful fruition.

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