Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[travel] Such a mess

I woke up late for work this morning. I never do this. But yesterday my usual 11-hour door-to-door trip from my house in Portland to my hotel in Omaha wound up taking 18 hours. Including an hour to drive from the airport in Omaha through 3-4 inches of packed snow on the road, plus massive ice patches, plus a 30 mph wind blowing more snow. Plus, at one point, being tailgated by the only other vehicle on the road, one of those geniuses who things their SUV's four wheel drive exempts them from the laws of physics.

My initial departing flight was cancelled. My rebook was only two hours later, but the logical connecting flight to Omaha was full, so my connection at DFW was over five hours. The earlier connecting flight cancelled, so good enough I wasn't on it, so my evening flight was overflowing. And left ninety minutes late. And due to weather (I presume) they took about 40 minutes to get the luggage out.

And, and, and... I felt like Mary Robinette Kowal. Have another drink!

At any rate, I am here now, and about to set off for work. Regular wit and erudition should resume tomorrow.

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