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[cancer] Coming up on five years

On the evening of Tuesday, April 29th, 2008, my then girlfriend took me to the Emergency Room because I had been bleeding copiously from the rectum throughout the day. On Wednesday, April 30th, 2008, a colonoscopy identified the tumor that was my primary colon cancer. Though I was staged I at the time, when I metastasized in the spring of 2009, my original presentation was restaged as Stage IV.

This month is the fifth anniversary of my metastatic colon cancer. Most of my cohort are either cured or dead. I have outlived a lot of statistics, though given this past January's news about the shortening of my metastatic cycle and the spike in my tumor presentations, I don't look likely to outlive too many more statistics. I'm not terminal yet, but I am formally classified as incurable. In other words, barring some great good luck or a medical miracle it's only a matter of time. I can definitely see the station from here.

We are, of course, doing everything we can to make our own great good luck. Hence the Whole Genome Sequencing project.

So, yeah. Five years. It didn't take me that long to get through college. I've only ever held one job for a longer period of time — my current one, as it happens. My first marriage didn't last that long. My first car did, albeit just barely. Half a decade. A third of [info]the_child's life so far. More than half of the Niece's life so far.

I'm considering having a Happy Cancerversary party sometime around the end of the month. I've been doing a lot over time to flip the bird to my silent, personal killer. Not that my tumors care about my mocking, but it makes me feel better. I know anniversaries are psychological artifacts of the calendar, there's no magic to this, but it seems important to me. And given my tendency towards introspection lately anyway, it seems apropos.

In any case, we're coming up on five years. I'm still here. At least for now. So, yeah.

Thank you everyone for all your support along the way.

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