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[personal|cancer] This and that

Here at Nuevo Rancho Lake, we have been enjoying a delightful visit from the effervescent Crystal Black. Sizzle Pie, Deschutes Brew Pub and Voodoo Doughnuts have been involved. Mmm mmm mmm.

Meanwhile, [info]the_child goes back to school this morning from her two-week spring break. This is perhaps less delightful, at least from her perspective. To make up for it, she has an out-of-town friend coming to visit later this week. And she's done some pretty spiffy growing up just lately.

I have session three of series four of my chemotherapy today. This will be my thirty-third infusion in the past 39 months. As regular readers of this blog know, I am on Vectibix now by infusion, plus Celebrex orally twice a day. I refer to this combination as the "light artillery" chemotherapy. It only tires me modestly, doesn't seriously disrupt my GI function, and has no obvious cognitive effects. I merely suffer from a basket of interesting and unfortunate skin conditions, plus severe photosensitivity. On the grand scale of Unfortunate Chemo Side Effects, this really isn't much.

And the book is moving now. I may have to take a bye today, as I am going straight to chemo from Day Jobbery this afternoon, and I seriously doubt that even on this much lighter chemo my head will be straight to write afterwards. If nothing else, there's some pretty serious emotional backwash that always hits me from going into the infusion center.

Finally, I am off to San Antonio on Wednesday for Paradise Lost. Which will be a lot of fun.

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