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[links] Link salad is trying to catch the Devil's herd, across these endless skies

Reddit Fantasy AMA — Today, Thursday, April 18th, I'll be participating in the Reddit Fantasy Ask Me Anything. It starts at 5 pm (Pacific) this afternoon.

A 'Whom Do You Hang With?' Map of America — A fascinating expansion on some recent data about social connections and money circulation. (Thanks to [info]scarlettina.)

Talk to Your Children About Death! — (Via [info]controuble.)

The 30's were a time of testing limits. Like, for example, can a lion ride in a motorcycle sidecar in a velodrome? — Hahahah. (Via [info]goulo.)

The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World — (Snurched from art guru James Gurney.)

Google Is Forbidding Users From Reselling, Loaning Glass Eyewear

Have You Embarrassed Yourself Online?Many web services offer an accidental megaphone. They need to protect us from ourselves.

Kessler syndrome — Ah, collisional cascading. We didn't need outer space anyway, did we? (Via Daily Idioms, Annotated.)

As Oregon Town Evolves, Caveman Heads the Way of the Dodo — I don't normally link to the Wall Street Journal, as their relationship to reality is only marginally less tenuous than that enjoyed by FOX News, but this story has very little political implication and thus might contain a few grains of truth. Besides which, it is amusing.

'Living fossil' coelacanth genome sequenced

AquageddonA disappearing island shows what rising sea levels mean for the Chesapeake Bay. Man, those liberals are even sinking islands in Chesapeake Bay to keep up their climate change hoax. Amazing, the lengths people will go to. (Via Lisa Costello.)

Stephen Hawking: So here's how it all happened without GodIn a speech in Pasadena, Calif., the famed physicist wonders what God was doing before the universe was created and says he's grateful that he wasn't subject to a church inquisition. I've always said that Creationism and its intellectually fraudulent stalking horse, Intelligent Design, are driven by a poverty of imagination.

Creationism and taxes in Louisiana — A Baptist minister opposes teaching Creationism with public funds.

New Zealand House of Reps bursts into song after legalizing same-sex marriage — This is what happens in a country with sane politics and an ethical society. Bigotry is never the answer. (Via [info]threeoutside.)

Rubio Rushes To Quiet The Right-Wing Rumor Mill — Good luck. Senator Rubio. Your party thrives on deliberate misinformation, knowing distortions of the truth and deliberate outright lies in order to keep manufacturing angry white men. You expect to get this one through your own rumor mill undamaged? Welcome to the reality-based community.

Terrorism and Privilege: Understanding the Power of WhitenessWhite privilege is knowing that even if the Boston Marathon bomber turns out to be white, his or her identity will not result in persons like yourself being singled out for suspicion by law enforcement, or the TSA, or the FBI.

A Senate in the Gun Lobby’s GripSenators say they fear the N.R.A. and the gun lobby. But I think that fear must be nothing compared to the fear the first graders in Sandy Hook Elementary School felt as their lives ended in a hail of bullets. Once again, conservatives have proven they value their guns more highly than they value your life or mine.

Enraged President Obama Rips Senate GOP For Blocking Background Checks — Once again conservatives prove they value bullets over babies. You'd think anyone who claimed to be for the right to life would be for gun regulation.

Why the GOP Remains in Bush’s ShadowMost Americans outside the party view Bush unfavorably because they regard him (correctly) as a failed president whose policies inflicted serious damage on the country. Most people inside the party see him in an entirely different light. If 65% of Republicans and 60% of self-identified conservatives view Bush favorably, it’s not surprising that there is so much resistance on the right to acknowledging Bush’s errors and learning from them.

Why Do We Have Taxes? — A cartoon history that your crazy Fox News watching uncle simply won't believe, as it's based on those pesky liberal "facts" and "data".

QotD?: Who was it that went riding out one dark and windy day?

Writing time yesterday: 2.0 hours (60 minutes and 1,800 words on Original Destiny, Manifest Sin, plus 60 minutes minutes of WRPA to produce 2,400 words of nonfiction)
Hours slept: 7.25 hours (solid)
Body movement: 0.5 hours (stationary bike)
Weight: 247.2
Number of FEMA troops on my block checking the magazine sizes of gun owners: 0
Currently reading: The Last Continent by Terry Pratchett

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