Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer|help] Trying to crowdsource key medical coding info about whole genome sequencing

Dad is helping me apply to my insurance company for reimbursement for the Whole Genome Sequencing. While they have been very cooperative, we have inevitably become mired in bureaucratic challenges. We think we have found all the answers except one.

The insurance company wants a CPT code for Whole Genome Sequencing. However, Illumina, the lab that did the work, does not provide CPT codes because they do not bill insurance. They say it takes a specific analysis to identify what CPT codes are appropriate to bill to an insurance company, and that they have no one trained to do this.

Other sources have told us there are various codes for partial genome sequencing and whole exome sequencing, but no one has been able to identify a CPT code for whole genome sequencing. My father has not had any luck with Internet searches.

Does anyone know what the CPT code is for whole genome sequencing, or where to look?

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