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[info]fledgist reviews Kalimpura

Why Aren’t There More Woman Sci-Fi Writers? — (Thanks to Marta Murvosh.)

#Womentoread — Kari Sperring wants you to recommend SF by women.

The Prejudices We Permit — I've certainly been on the sharp of this stick. The point still stands.

What Kind of D&D Character Would You Be? — I scored out as Neutral Good Human Druid/Wizard (4th/3rd Level). (Snurched from [info]james_nicoll.)

Giant floating head found in Hudson River — Headline of the week.

Scientists in Antarctica Find Invading Neutrinos from Another Galaxy!

Remains of a supernova fall to EarthTiny pieces of silica in meteorites predate the Solar System.

What Happened When One Man Pinged the Whole InternetA home science experiment that probed billions of Internet devices reveals that thousands of industrial and business systems offer remote access to anyone.

20 Pounds? Not Too Bad, for an Extinct Fish

Elephant Bird Egg Fetches Over $100,000 At Christie's Auction In London

Placentas provide clues about autism risk at birth, study says

Antibody triggers bone marrow stem cells to become brain cells — Wow… strange. (Via [info]seventorches.)

Conservative evangelicals' persecution complex and same-sex marriageDespite being one of the largest voting blocs in the most powerful and wealthy nation in the world, American evangelical Christians often have a penchant for framing themselves as a persecuted minority. (Via Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

30 Of The Most Offensive, Idiotic, And Bizarre Conservative Arguments Against Marriage Equality — It's pretty clear from these kinds of statements that conservatives have no concept of "consent". But then, this isn't exactly a surprise. (Via Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

Liberty Counsel redefining ‘Christian’ just as Falwell didNow, as then, the word “Christianity” is being used as a synonym for unvarnished bigotry. Yet another of the myriad reasons I am an atheist. I have no use for a God whose followers can do this in his name and still consider themselves good and moral people.

Oregon same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional, federal judge says in employee discrimination case — Another bigotry domino falls. As usual, conservatives are on the wrong side of history with this one, too.

Bobby Jindal: I’m fine with teaching creationism in public schools Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says that he wouldn’t mind if public school students were taught creationism and intelligent design in addition to evolution, as long as it’s “the best science.” Conservative willful ignorance is so hermetically sealed. And an entire state elected this fool to be their governor...

House GOP Freshmen Feel Left Out Of Failed Obamacare Repeal Rituals — This story is just sad. It encapsulates everything that's wrong with Republican party politics today. The saddest part is that the people involved don't see anything wrong with it at all.

Bush and the American Right Wing: Top Ten Ways they are Like the Children of an Alcoholic — This piece is sort of Poe's Law in reverse. Satire that is also way too close to the truth.

Truman, Bush, and Rehabilitating Presidential ReputationsThe core Bush loyalist assumption is that a more dispassionate interpretation of his presidency will redound to his benefit, but that’s probably wrong. The less that people have at stake in defending Bush, the less eager they will be to bother. In another forty or fifty years, there will hardly be anyone interested in salvaging Bush’s reputation, and the truth is that he leaves behind no significant positive domestic legacy that later Republicans will feel obliged to defend and mythologize. Wow, how deluded do you have to be to imagine that anything of the Bush administration will be vindicated by history? Thanks to the Bush administration, we have stark, objective evidence about what happens when Republicans are allowed to govern: political, military and economic disaster.

QotD?: What beautiful music do they make?

Writing time yesterday: 1.0 hours (400 words on Original Destiny, Manifest Sin plus quite a bit of background reading)
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Number of FEMA troops on my block helping welfare recipients buy cell phones and big screen tvs: 0
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