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[personal] A quick followup on the state of my foot

It's been eleven days since I hurt my foot. I am still walking with a cane when I go out or use the stairs, though I don't need it at home. This has to do with the fact that injury is almost entirely on the top of my foot, and so if I am barefoot or in stocking feet, I don't have much issue (other than stairs) at this point; but if I am wearing shoes, the pressure of the shoe on the bruise is difficult to manage. I tried exercising last week as is my wont, but that turned out to aggravate the injury, so I have been off the bike. And walking any distance is right out still.

My toe, nine days after the incident
My toe, nine days after the incident

I have to say that the social impact of walking slowly with a cane is interesting. You become both visible and invisible in certain very specific ways. Combine this with my need to cover my face and all exposed skin when out of doors, and people are not reacting to me at all like I am accustomed to. It's also hard to be a flirt when you look like a disabled bank robber.

Mostly, though, this is still very annoying. Both the stupid clumsiness that caused the problem [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] and the pain and inconvenience of living with the healing process. As I said before, definitely adding injury to insult.


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