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[links] Link salad thinks of its mothers

The Latest on the Women in SFF Debate — Cora Buhlert with some interesting analysis and a number of links.

That Monkey Don't Swim: Maps, Sex and Violence — Pongoid anthropology and cartography.

Every Every Every Generation Has Been the Me Me Me Generation — Kids today. Everyone knows the past is golden, our generation is noble, and the youth are wastrels. It's always been true!

Plague Helped Bring Down Roman Empire, Graveyard Suggests

Nontoxic radioactive Listeriaat is a highly effective therapy against metastatic pancreatic cancer — Huh.

A patient’s view on the Oregon Medicaid experiment — (Via [info]threeoutside.)

Clouds, Birds, Moon, Venus — Another stunning image from APOD. A Maxfield Parrish sky in real life.

Then he heard the ice coming — Wow, this is weird. Several houses were destroyed, the Winnipeg Free Press reports, after "a massive ice floe rose out of Dauphin Lake" in central Canada.

The Coming GOP Civil War Over Climate Change — We should be so lucky. I was struck by this: Soon after his experience in South Carolina, Emanuel changed his lifelong Republican Party registration to independent. “The idea that you could look a huge amount of evidence straight in the face and, for purely ideological reasons, deny it, is anathema to me,” he says. Hello? You were a Republican? Virtually any GOP position requires precisely that approach.

QotD?: Where is your mother today?

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