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[cancer|travel] Something you can do for me

ETA: There may be a fee for sharing or donating miles. If your airline tells you this is true, please ignore this request. My apologies for faulty research.

A lot of people have asked what they can do for me. Unless you're physically and socially close to me, my answer to that has generally been an appreciation for good will and best wishes. Cancer is a journey that I ultimately must walk alone, no matter how many people are prepared to walk beside me. No one but me goes under the needle or the knife, and it's my personal extinction out on the table now.

That being said, you have been profoundly supportive. The Sequence A Science Fiction Writer fundraiser was a runaway success. (And watch this space for some details about how I am planning to do some giving back with that.) Likewise the letters and comments I receive via email and social media and the US postal service. All that love and support means a great deal to me.

However, there is something else you can do for me. I'm trying to plan something pretty amazing for [info]the_child (and hopefully Lisa Costello) this summer, and I need some more frequent flyer miles to make it work.

If you're fortunate enough to have mileage in either American Aadvantage or United Mileage Plus, or allied programs within the OneWorld and Star Alliance networks, I am soliciting mileage donations for my plans. Can't spill the beans quite yet, though I will provide full disclosure as soon as circumstances permit. If I am donated excess mileage beyond my needs, that mileage will eventually be donated in turn to charity.

Should you be interested, please contact me directly for my account number and related information. And thank you so much for even considering this.

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