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An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2013-05-19 05:21
Subject: [links] Link salad wanders off to New Mexico
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Tags:climate, cool, culture, funny, guns, healthcare, links, personal, photos, politics, publishing, science, space, videos
A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste — Me and John Scalzi.

Mark Twain Captured on Film by Thomas Edison in 1909. It’s the Only Known Footage of the Author. — Oh, wow. (Thanks to [info]scarlettina.)

How the Mighty Winds of Uranus and Neptune Blow — Uhh...

Earth's Richat Structure — Oh. this is cool. Geology from space.

Has Justin Bieber Abandoned His Monkey?

Up to 1 in 5 children suffer from mental disorder: CDC — Sigh.

In the Box: A Tour Through the Simulated Battlefields of the U.S. National Training Center

Climate Change Denial is Costing us Trillions, Threatening Farming, Fishing, Animals (Video) — Rush Limbaugh and the GOP keep us better informed than any of those liberal "facts" and "data" possibly could.

Colorado GOPer Accused Of Storming Away From Aurora Victim’s Dad — Conservative policies have ugly, ugly consequences. Republican support for widespread private gun ownership with minimal responsibility or accountability kills 30,000 American adults and children every year. Running away from that doesn't change anything, it just confirms once again the moral and political cowardice inextricably interwoven with the pro-gun position.

QotD?: Ever been to New Mexico?

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User: anton_p_nym
Date: 2013-05-19 13:51 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Re: Fort Irwin/NTC

Thanks for the article link; it's fascinating to see how much it's changed over the past 30 years. If you can track down a copy, Bolger's Dragons At War shows how Fort Irwin training worked in the Reagan days.

-- Steve's Canadian heritage means he sees training as more important than equipment for soldiers; well-trained soldiers can improvise equipment, and often knowing what to do is more important to victory than having the best gadgetry.
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User: a_cubed
Date: 2013-05-19 14:28 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Mark twain would have been horrified at the idea that this footage was available, and from a site called Open Culture at that. He spent a lot of time arguing and lobbying for perpetual copyright (despite a significant portion of his work involving the transcription of the oral tales of former slaves - as a white man who wrote things down he of course was creating literature, not stealing one of the few things slavery had left these people and then arguing for his heirs to own it in perpetuity).
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User: fledgist
Date: 2013-05-19 15:41 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
As a matter of fact, I have been to New Mexico. I noted with interest that one of the gubernatorial armorial bearings displayed outside the governor's palace in Santa Fé was that of López. Of course, the Lópezes are many, but I wondered if that was from my maternal line.
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User: mmegaera
Date: 2013-05-19 18:43 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
There's got to be a better way to bring this sort of attention to children's issues than broadening definitions to practically the point of no return.
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