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[cancer] The new CT scan

Yesterday I received another CT scan. This one is intended to baseline my tumors in order for us to evaluate the effectiveness of the Regorafenib in eight weeks' time. The results were discouraging but not surprising. Moderate tumor growth in my liver, active tumor growth in my peritoneum, and the tumors in my lungs doubled while also spreading. In three weeks.

Here's a little chart I made comparing the two scans, three weeks apart. It tells the story:

LungsTwo adjacent 2 to 3-mm nodules within the right lower lobe6-mm left lower lobe nodule
  4-mm right lower lobe
  Cluster of nodules right lower lobe, largest 6 mm
LiverLeft hepatic margin of resection recurrent tumor 17 by 25 mm, previously 10 mm.Multiple hepatic metastases, index lesions:
 More inferior lead along the left hepatic margin of resection, plaque-like soft tissue along staple line measures 7 x 18 mm2.5 cm in segment 5/6
 Wedge resection cavity in inferior right lobe measures 3 by 3.8 cm1.7 cm in segment 6
 Along the deep margin, multiple new developing hypoattenuating satellite nodules, including 17-mm nodule and 21-mm nodule2.4 cm, along with left hepatic resection margin
 New subcentimeter right lobe metastases 
 Additional foci of contracting subcapsular hypoattenuation, medial inferior right lobe, representing additional wedge resection sites 
PeritoneumDeveloping omental masses/implants, left upper quadrant up to 4.9 by 2.5 cmExtensive peritoneal implants, index lesions:
  4 x 3.1 cm
  5.4 x 2.3 cm
  6.1 x 1.7 cm

Time slices spiral
X-ray eyes peer inside me
Where my death expands

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