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[travel] Off to Omaha tomorrow - Lakeshore — LiveJournal
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Jay Lake
Date: 2013-05-31 05:25
Subject: [travel] Off to Omaha tomorrow
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Tags:friends, omaha, personal, radiantlisa, travel, work
For those playing along with the home game edition of "Where's Jay", I am off to Omaha tomorrow. Lisa Costello comes with me. She is interested in seeing my workplace and meeting my social and professional friends there.

The Omaha Beach Party meets next Tuesday, 6/4. (If you're in the area and want to see me, this is functionally an Open Dinner. Contact me for details.) Thursday, 6/6, is my actual 49th birthday, so we'll be having a big dinner for me there mixing both groups of my friends. Home 6/7 for, among other things, my family birthday dinner.

See some, all or none of you there.

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