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[books|writing] Alembical is on sale

A few years ago, I was part of a project edited by the inestimable Lawrence Schoen, a/k/a [info]klingonguy. This little gem was Alembical, from Paper Golem Press, an anthology of novellas.

As it happens, one of my very favorite pieces of my own work, "America, Such as She Is", was printed in the first volume of Alembical. It's an alternate history novella about a repatriated prisoner of war wandering through Japanese-occupied Oregon in 1946, looking for the last unsurrendered American general, Leslie Groves, who's hiding somewhere in the Pacific Northwest forests still trying to make the atomic bomb. I did some craft tricks in that novella, both with structure and point of view, that I still don't understand. I love this piece.

It's also never been reprinted.

Lawrence has recently discovered a limited amount of additional stock of Alembical and is offering it at a discount. In addition to "America, Such as She Is", you get fine work from Bruce Taylor, Jim Van Pelt, and Ray Vukcevich. Check it out. My birthday's coming up, so buy yourself a present.

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