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Only minor amounts of writing done this weekend. Did have a nice dinner the other night with bibliothec, mollybike, and the mighty Jason Williams. Saturday as described, including a very cool bit of live theatre -- Play After Play at the Brooklyn Bay, where they did "The Golden Fish", a Russian folktale with which I was already familiar -- had the party for D later that same day with bibliothec, lillypond, the Niece, the Child, D his own self, tillyjane, and AH, all at the house where AH and tillyjane live. The Child made D an amazing birthday card which I'll post here when I get a chance.

Took it mostly lazy today, though I did some editorial reading and a bit of mapmaking for the project specficrider and I are working on. (Wound up doing it by hand.)

Off tomorrow to Omaha's sunny climes, where I believe it will be -1 degree Fahrenheit tonight. Mmm. Wintry weather goodness. Expect light posting there, as I don't blog from the office.

To send myself off, I share this image, which is hilarious, but not particularly work-safe (in a fairly subtle way)...

Graffito on parked van in Portland

It was one of a number of graffiti doodled and drawn all over a white van parked in the Hawthorne district of Portland. Photographed by me this past Saturday.
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