Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer|personal] Getting stuff done

Yesterday, with help from Dad and [info]lillypond (a/k/a my sister), I:
  • Secured my disabled parking permit from the DMV

  • Returned the MacBook Air I just bought

  • Ordered the new MacBook Air based on this week's announced hardware refresh

  • Determined the need for a PC to handle finances and medical accounts separately from my writing computer

  • Selected (but did not yet purchase) that PC

  • Upgraded [info]the_child's cellphone

  • Met with a Financial Planner for almost two hours, which was both overwhelming and informative

  • Picked out and ordered a second sick-me chair at Relax the Back, which has different purposes than the first one

  • Retrieved the Genre car from the mechanic

  • Worked out how to maintain my blogging habits from Lisa Costello's PC while I am Air-less

  • With Lisa's assistance mailed off story contracts and various bits of pharmacy business

  • Plus a bunch of other stuff I cannot remember this morning

One day at a time, one thing at a time. Except sometimes the days and things come all together at once.

Tags: cancer, family, health, personal, radiantlisa

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