Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal|events] On the cusp between JayFest and JayCon

Yesterday evening was JayFest. Which we celebrated in style. It was well-attended, and I think some books got sold. No photos yet, on account of continuing computer issues hereabouts, but there will be. Much fun was had by all, and somehow John Pitts wound up with the Genre car afterwards.

Today is kind of a cusp day. Enjoying the company of [info]fjm. John will be by later, and this evening is a loose group dinner for early and pre-JayCon attendees at Cartlandia, my almost-local food cart pod.

Tomorrow, of course, JayCon XIII with all attendant madness. Which is incidentally Joyce Z.'s real birthday, so she'll be celebrating there as well.

In other news, today is [info]the_child's last day of school. Shortly she will be a freshman no more. Another reason to celebrate.

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