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[cancer] The generosity of others

[info]the_child and I have been the subjects of immense generosity lately. Thanks to the help of a friend (whom I need to check if I can thank publicly), we will be attending San Diego Comic Con next month. This generous help allowed us to secure badges and lodging arrangements suitable to my restricted mobility.

My original plan had been to road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway from Portland to San Diego in mid-July. However, the hand-foot syndrome gifted unto me by Regorafenib has rendered that impossible. I simply can't sit in the car, gripping the wheel all day long, for four or five days each way. So Laura Burns (@scifilaura) has stepped forward out of her own sheer generosity and secured airline tickets for me and [info]the_child.

I'm going to be very cash-constrained through this summer and fall due to the vagaries of Short Term Disability and COBRA coverage for my health insurance. It's this kind of generosity that enables me to spend a little more time with my daughter as well as my friends and fans, doing the things I love before the cancer pulls me in too far to leave my house anymore.

Thank you everyone, and most especially Laura and my other benefactor.

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