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[cancer] Another oncology consultation, another bell curve skipped merrily past

Apparently I'm not good at fitting into bell-shaped curves. Not that this is a surprise to anyone. It's been true all my life, and continues to be true of my cancer journey.

Yesterday, Dad, Lisa Costello and I met with my oncologist to discuss my current bloodwork and status of my Regorafenib side effects. My liver functions were significantly improved. Everything else was pretty much in line. My doctor was quite pleased by that, as this is not the expected metabolic response to this medication.

We reviewed the side effects I have been experiencing from the Regorafenib. My oncologist was impressed with how I was handling the medication. Apparently I am literally the very first one of their patients on the drug to make it through the initial three-week series without having to reduce the dosage to manage overwhelming side effects.

So yeah, here's me, once more not conforming statistically.

Next steps: I have a followup for bloodwork and consultation on 7/10, my next CT scan and more bloodwork on 7/22, then another consultation on 7/24. At that point well be able to evaluate the drug's effectiveness, based on the trends in my tumor growth.

And of course I have to get through this next three-week tranche of the drug without being overwhelmed by the side effects.

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