Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] Busy, busy, busy

So now that I'm on disability and not working, somehow I'm busier than ever. Friends are visiting at various times. The house needs to be further cleaned out. Stuff to go to Goodwill, to Schoolhousesupplies.org, to Free Geek. Disability paperwork. Financial planning paperwork. Emails with my agent and with editors. A few more trips while I'm still able to travel. Lots of time in the bathroom, during which none of the rest of this gets done. Parenting.

Everything but writing. That part of my brain seems to be shut down. Some combination of the Regorafenib and stress.

Or course, that's why I'm on disability now. Because it's harder and harder to work. I just hate to see it.

Meanwhile, busy, busy, busy.

Tags: cancer, health, personal

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