Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] Following up on the extremely elevated CEA levels

Based on further communication with my oncologist concerning my elevated CEA levels, we are proceeding with the assumption that the Regorafenib is ineffective. We are hoping for a different answer from next week's scans, but it seems unlikely. Given that this appears to be the case, we now have an intense interest in Stage I trials as a last line of effort.

To that end, we have added a PET scan to next Monday's testing regimen. This will allow us to identify any distant metastases, especially in bone or brain, which would have an effect on my eligibility for Stage I trials.

Next Friday we are also adding an appointment with the oncologist who is the Stage I trial coordinator for my treating hospital. That's to discuss my options for Stage I trials here in Portland.

At the same time, Dad and two of my science and health advisors are working together and with me to identify other Stage I trial options elsewhere. We want this effort to dovetail with next week's testing and consultations.

By the time I get to JayWake, I'll know more. I probably won't like it very much, but I'll know it.

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